Welcome to our website. We offer an image rich, user friendly site for you to navigate. In place of lots of technical jargon we let our images represent what we do to create a visually engaging experience. Chasingspace create and install high quality resin floors and walls, and microscreed walls for home and office. We are a small company and are very much hands on, keeping everything in house so our standards remain consistently high. We pride ourselves on maintaining a bespoke, personal service and work closely with our clients to create beautiful interior spaces. Chasingspace contemporary seamless surfaces are at the forefront of interior design and are durable, stylish and flexible, combining toughness and underfoot comfort.                                                                                                             

Working with us

Chasingspace seamless resin floors are beautiful for the home and perfect for the office. If you are looking for a strong and stylish flooring system we can help. Walk on a floor with the ultimate underfoot comfort. Our resins include a UV stable smooth topcoat which is easy to clean and anti-slip. We provide guarantees, subject to our terms and conditions, and offer an extensive range in RAL and NCS colours to compliment any residential or commercial interior. Customer satisfaction is important to us and we strive to achieve this by using premium products and offering competitive pricing with a friendly, professional service. Please enjoy our gallery of polyurethane resin floors and walls, and microscreed walls, and contact us to request a quote tailored to your individual project. Thank you for your interest in Chasingspace.

Premium Products and a Personal Approach

Chasingspace install high quality resin floors and walls, and microscreed walls for commercial and residential properties. In order to offer customers our competitive prices we do not have showrooms which would only add to the prices we charge. We are happy to arrange a visit with former clients if you would like to view our high quality floor and wall installations. Please contact us for further information about this service. At Chasingspace we offer a personal approach, guiding a client through the whole process from concept to final result. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service which includes an initial flooring consultation with samples to guide and inspire.

What Clients Say About Our Work

“We decided to go with Chasingspace after looking around a few other well-known suppliers, bottom line - we are extremely happy that we did! Jon’s knowledge and flexibility was immaculate. Turn around times and final product are perfect – we’re happy to have gone with Chasingspace, expert results, expert service!” – Marvin N, London E8

"I can’t recommend Chasingspace highly enough. Not only is the finished result excellent, but the service provided throughout has been superb." Lucy J, Surbiton KT6

"Jonathan delivers the professional quality of the bigger companies, without the extortionate prices, but retains the flexibility & personal service of a small company. Jonathan has done a great job, the floors are immaculate." Nicholas M, London SW2

"Jonathan and his team's attention to detail throughout the job, from meticulous preparation to finished project, was second to none. The finished floor looks amazing and it really has brought the house to life!" Andrew H, Hertfordshire


Press Coverage

Read about us in the June 2017 edition of GRAND DESIGNS, (click image below for full article on the contact page).

            GEORGE CLARKE'S AMAZING SPACE Chasingspace installed 250m2 polyurethane floor for a stylish and unique eco house in Hertfordshire. 

               The project featured in episode 4, series 4 of the popular C4 show.                                                                                                        


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Chasingspace install high quality resin floors and walls, and microscreed walls for commercial and residential properties. We provide great products and service for everyone. Our poured seamless floor and wall coatings are at the forefront of interior design providing durable, stylish surfaces for architects and interior designers, and increasingly for the home. Please visit our gallery showcase to see more of our residential resin floors. We are here to help so please contact us for any further details you may need about our products, availability or anything else. For a speedy response call Jonathan direct on 07799 673383.

Why use Chasingspace flooring?  There are lots of great reasons why you should be considering our resin flooring. Chasingspace resin floors are extremely durable for the home, office, or any location that requires a robust flooring solution. Our resin floors are easy to care for and maintain making them an excellent choice for the home or workplace. This is important for homeowners who want a floor that is built to last, or warehouses and factories that experience a lot of impact. Resin flooring will not crack, become loose or peel off in time. If you are updating your living space our resin flooring is great for open plan designs or unusual shaped rooms. Resin is a desirable, long-term flooring option with wide appeal.  




Our poured resin floors and microscreeds are exceptionally durable and resistant to damage from spills, dirt and stains while the resins offer effective sound absorption for a soft, luxurious underfoot experience. Poured resin flooring is extremely durable for any location that requires a robust, hygienic flooring solution. The materials used in our products are highly sourced and produce premium results. Quality is something we pride ourselves on and we strive to achieve and maintain the high standards by continuing to invest in this.

Your home deserves the look of lifelong beauty, cleanliness and function. A resin floor can provide all of these features and being seamless they are easy to clean. With such flexible choices in colour and design you can match your resin flooring to any custom design you like. If you are looking for new flooring that is durable and long lasting, resin is the perfect choice. Resin flooring is the ideal option for floors that get a high amount of usage or that require the placement of heavy equipment such as in gyms or garages. The tough materials used to construct resin flooring can withstand impact, greatly increasing the load-bearing capacity that the floor can harbour while decreasing the risk of damage. Resin flooring has a long lifespan which means that over time your new floor will be easier to maintain and will remain pleasing to look at.

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Durable, Stylish, Anti-slip, Strong, Attractive, Safe, Hygienic, Versatile, Robust, Hard-Wearing and Low Maintenance.Ergonomic, high comfort, noise reduction, polyurethane flooring systems. Sound deadening and flexible finish produces an ergonomically warm feel. Joint free, even around columns and over large areas for maximum aesthetic freedom. A permanently elastic, wear resistant surface provides a durable long lasting floor. High energy absorption capacity reduces the risk of injury resulting from falls. Monolithically bonded to the substrate, low emissions to AgBB, LEED certification. Comfortable feel, smooth yet slip resistant. Easy to clean and maintain, seamless designs and an infinite amount of customization options. Resin floors are naturally moisture resistant.    


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Located at 83 Greenwich St, we are a small collective of designers and art directors working to elevate the interiors of our customers.

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